Cultural management in Valencia

Research and content creation

We work in permanent collaboration with the main university institutions of Valencia, developing our own contents with the depth and rigor that history grants to each one of the monuments and works of art of Valencia and that its correct diffusion demands. We adapt our visits and workshops to all profiles, providing the level of knowledge that each assistant requires.

Opening to the public and cultural promotion: Official Guides

The opening of a monument always raises a complex set of actions that require experience and vision of the future. The own historical-artistic condition of each monument establishes limits and opportunities. Sustainable performance is only achieved by implementing the correct model that really adapts to each situation, allowing the transmission of knowledge through a well-coordinated team of specialized Official Guides able to value every relevant detail.

Conservation of historical-artistic heritage

We participate in the conservation of the artistic and architectural heritage of monuments, coordinating all the agents involved in its rehabilitation: patronage, administrative management and intervention. Our professional field includes the participation of the most qualified professionals in the Valencian Community.