Project Description

The redrawn city: A new era of urban renewal

Appreciated as one of the most captivating routes for the locals, the unexpected homogeneity of its urban structure and its architecture even astounds the passers-by who habitually go over its streets. The second half of the XIX century corresponds to the demolition of the walls of Valencia and the expansion of the city promoted by a powerful bourgeoisie seeking a daring layout made up of luminous roads, such as Colón Street or Marqués del Turia Avenue. New aesthetic tendencies arrived from other countries such as France, England or Germany, the use of innovative materials arising from the Industrial Revolution and a certain political, economic and cultural stability in Valencia will give rise to the appearance of surprising spaces such as the City Hall Square or buildings of singular beauty like the Central and Colon markets, the Northern Railway Station or the Bullring. In Valencia such growth will be supported with the celebration of an important regional fair in 1909.