Project Description

Rococo sophistication

Here you are one of the most outstanding buildings in the history of Valencia. A Gothic palace restructured to the Rococo style by the hand of illustrious artists such as Hipólito Rovira and Ignacio Vergara. Its facade is an allegorical compendium of the prestige of the Houses Rabasa and Perellós. The carriages that are preserved inside the building are beautiful examples of an elegant and colorful lifestyle. Our guides will show you around the different rooms that make up the palace and, decorated with sumptuous furniture, paintings, porcelains, utensils, tableware, and so on, enhance the beauty of this noble space and make the visit more pleasant. Rooms such as the Chinese lounge, the Pompeian hall, the Red room, the dining room, the marquise´s bedroom, the boudoir, the private chapel or the ballroom are just a small sample of the motley content that we want you to discover. The ceramic museum of the illustrious Gonzalez Martí, with pieces ranging from the Neolithic to the Picasso´s bold avant-garde plates, is the perfect brooch to the visit.