Project Description

Urban language

Considered simple vandalism by many people, the art of the street has come to stay. Local artists and some with extensive international background have filled Valencia with color and life, turning it into an innovation laboratory. It does not matter where we find it:  on a wall, a garage door or a space spoiled by the invasive cement that eventually comes to life and leads us to acid criticism, to reflection or to a mere recreation of the senses; street art is so old that it drinks from Roman culture and knew how to win its followers in large cities like New York in the 70´s. Come discover with us the sociocultural realism of Hyuro or Escif, the dreamlike beauty of Julieta XLF, the introspection of Xolaka, the hardness of Fasim or the human emptiness and parallel worlds with Deih among many others. You will see Valencia with changed eyes!